Janko Belaj. Photographer.

Suicidal Mr. Bones

or one who loses loss, gains gain

(Krešimir Oremović, for the exhibition catalog 2016.)

The very name of the main character in the photonovel series by Janko Belaj questions the standard dichotomy between animate and inanimate. In “Belaj’s inversion” Suicidal Mr. Bones appears as the personification of the world of quantum physics, being dead and alive at the same time. So, let's lean here on the paraphrase of the emblematic line from the once popular book and TV series for children:
“He's dead, but he's alive. I mean, he's not so dead that he would not be alive, but would like to be dead in order to actually be alive.”…Read more

Suicide attack  - © Janko Belaj
Scapegrace  - © Janko Belaj
Rise to life  - © Janko Belaj
Crystal throwing in the river Sava  - © Janko Belaj
Self-fried in coldblood  - © Janko Belaj
Getting out alive in front of hermit crab  - © Janko Belaj
Shortfall under the wheel  - © Janko Belaj
Garbage suicide   - © Janko Belaj
In the chains of vices  - © Janko Belaj
Guillotine by cable release  - © Janko Belaj
Farewell message  - © Janko Belaj
Corpus Delicti  - © Janko Belaj
Frozen  - © Janko Belaj
Cholesterol recovery  - © Janko Belaj
First swath  - © Janko Belaj
Concluded   - © Janko Belaj
Us two poor brothers  - © Janko Belaj
Last pipe  - © Janko Belaj
Last wish  - © Janko Belaj
I’m not a gambler, but I’m loosing anyway  - © Janko Belaj
Fly, fly…  - © Janko Belaj
Axed  - © Janko Belaj
Radical diet  - © Janko Belaj
Boiling  - © Janko Belaj
Me, Myself and I  - © Janko Belaj
Romeo, Juliet and a cousin  - © Janko Belaj
Dream substitution  - © Janko Belaj
Suicide for beginners  - © Janko Belaj

How to kill lifeless?

(Janko Belaj for first announcements)

I use photography to document diverse scenes to address customer preferences, or to document landscapes in which I find myself, but with a collection titled "Samoubojiti Kosturko" (Suicidal Mr. Bones) I set out to explore the outcome, which I am not trying to define in advance. The original concept of following Mr. Bones as a suicidal character from comic book “Alan Ford”, who is irrevocably lost in the reality that surrounds him, unsuccessfully trying to kill himself, becomes a sort of consideration of the alienation of the individual in general.…Read more