Janko Belaj. Photographer.

Pun and Performance

(Marijan Grakalić, for the exhibition catalogue 2013.)

Janko Belaj’s photographs are easy to recognise by the reduction, which removes everything unnecessary from them, leaving the scene unequivocal, seemingly clear and clean. But, is that really so? In his exhibition “Meals and Drinks. Before.” the author leads us to an obvious confusion. Not because of giving up or changing the photographic expression, but because he explores whimsically the gastrosophic reality.…Read more

Herbal Brandy before Alcohol  - © Janko Belaj
Bourbon before Distillation  - © Janko Belaj
Chicken Soup before Cooking  - © Janko Belaj
Vegetable Soup before Cooking  - © Janko Belaj
Tomato Juice before Squeezing  - © Janko Belaj
Beer with Pretzels before Shopping  - © Janko Belaj
White Wine before Pressing  - © Janko Belaj
Spritzer before Shopping  - © Janko Belaj
Grilled Fish before Throwing Net  - © Janko Belaj
Garlic Sausage before Butchering  - © Janko Belaj
Lunch on the Loan before Deciding  - © Janko Belaj
Steak before Butchering  - © Janko Belaj
Pasta with Stewed Cabbage before Milling Wheat  - © Janko Belaj
Moussaka before Peeling  - © Janko Belaj
Gingerbread before Mixing  - © Janko Belaj
Vanilla Pudding before Boiling down  - © Janko Belaj
Fruit salad before Cutting  - © Janko Belaj
Coconut Liquor before Fermentation  - © Janko Belaj
Three Cups of Coffee before Grinder  - © Janko Belaj
Green Tea before Drying  - © Janko Belaj

Why “Before”?

(Janko Belaj, for the first publication)

I photograph food, in different variations and aspects, almost every day. But, those food photo sessions are usually dictated by someone else. The client, art director, the publication itself…

And I, on the other hand, like to play. I love black and white photography because it has the power to emphasize texture. I love the large format film, because it yields loads of detail.…Read more