Janko Belaj. Independent artist.

Immediately inhabitable landscapes

(Kresimir Oremović for the exhibition catalog, 2014)

A quick look at Janko Belaj's landscapes irresistibly evokes The Holy Trinity of the film industry - director of photography, director and spectator.

"The heroic landscapes" with which we were confronted in the last episode of The Lightcaptures, occurred in even more expressive way in his most recent works and not without reasons can be associated with panoramic views of the Middle-Earth. The way he chooses his motifs reminds us of handwriting so characteristic for Andrew Lesnie, Australian director of photography to whom we owe the global fascination with the visual expression of the trilogy Lord of the Rings.

Silent power of the mountain range, the mist over the river or the mystical crown enlightening, form a series of cinematic scenes that could be called "immediately inhabitable landscapes". Each of them is offered as a sort of holodeck, where you can let your imagination run wild.

he viewer is thus not intended to play role of passive observer, but the narrator who will supplement the proposed scenes with his own dramaturgy and in the role of director actively participate in the creation of the final result.