Janko Belaj. Photographer.

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Janko Belaj (b. 1965 ), Zagreb photographer and an occasional graphic artist, has entered the world of visual art at quite an early age. By the late 70s he published his first images, and since then his photographs were included in numerous exhibitions and monographs in the field of art history (MUO, Muzejski prostor, Mimara, Narodna galerija in Ljubljana…).

Over the years Janko worked for different publishers, advertising agencies and design studios (X-Press, Školska knjiga, Kult, DNA, Grey, Unex, CWH, Hand Design, McCann…).

In the year of 1998 he founded the first Croatian web portal dedicated to photography (fotozine.org), and since 2011 he is a regular participant of Foto Ars Colony. He is a member of ULUPUH (The Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts), Kadar 36 and HZSU (Croatian Freelance Artists Association).

Janko Belaj: © 2015 Miroslav Arbutina - Arbe

© 2015 Miroslav Arbutina - Arbe

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